How many percentages of web traffic on your site are coming from an SEO source?

In digital marketing, SEO plays a big role in order for your website’s content, blogs, and e-commerce site to rank in search engine. With SEO, you can send directed traffic to your website and generates leads too. However, increasing web traffic doesn’t just circulate around SEO.

However, it is very important that you must also know other sources and methods to increase traffic that is getting to your website without banking entirely on search engine optimization. Otherwise, if the major web traffic you are counting on fails, it could end you up with nothing.

In this article, we are going to take a glimpse with the two (2) simple methods to increase your web traffic without SEO and let’s discover the ways on how you can utilize both sources.


For new brands or beginners in digital marketing, it is ideal to take advantage and explore first on how you can market and increase your brand awareness without spending anything in promoting your brand with paid advertising. You might want to save your budget for other expenses or maybe hire someone to help your company in developing your traffic without using SEO.

The following are some of the common ways or strategy to increase traffic using free traffic sources:


Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc., are some perfect venue to promote your web content without spending anything. And with billions of people active in social media, without any doubt, building your web traffic could be much easier than you ever expected. You can use social media to promote your brand or company by starting up a business page and be active.

In social media, you have to be proactive! Use social media to post a status and include a link or landing page to your web content. The best way to leverage your social media existence, is to post frequently (but not too much) and timely, so that your followers and focused target audience would see your consistency. Provide your audience with enough value as possible but do it without expecting too much in return and that’s how your efforts will bring you closer to your goals.

Enough of some boring and old-fashioned marketing tactics! Be playful and creative because that’s what people in social media want nowadays. Begin your content’ introduction with some catchy lines, short story or quotes that will make the readers or your audience click your hyperlink to read more and browse more on your website. Make sure that your social media headlines highlight the most important elements of your content.

In today’s social media trends, most unpaid yet successful content that makes people visit a website are from heartfelt stories, lifestyle and DIY tips, travel stories that promote money-saving tips or any stories that solicit empathy, entertains people and content that gives importance for daily lives of people in social media.

What else can you do on social media to increase web traffic?

There actually many sources in social media that can drive traffic to your website and convert real profits. Here are some of the effective activities and sources in social media that you can do and utilize to increase your web traffic.

1. Join Interest-Focused Communities or Groups in Social Media

To increase traffic and engagement, social media community and closed groups is a perfect place to promote your brand and expose your website. Look for a social media community with a large number of members; the more members the page is, the more it’s established. Once you joined and get approved to join, create good connection or relationship with the members and the admin of the page in order for you to have a chance to introduce and promote your web content.

However, every page has its own rules! So you have to make sure you’re aware of their terms before posting your content. Observe the members behavior, read comments and engage. You may want to expose yourself first by liking posts of the admin and members and exchange opinions about the topic. Then once the perfect opportunity comes, that’s the time to grab it and introduce your content that is relevant to the conversation.

Some recommended social media groups and communities where you can join or create to help you increase you web traffic for free are:

o Facebook Groups
o LinkedIn Suggested Groups
o Google+ Community
o Twitter Hashtag Group Chats or Discussions

2. Social Media Live Video
Another tactic to increase your web traffic is to go live on your social media channel. By performing social media Live into your web content strategy, you present your followers and target audience a real-time source of information about your brand and the true value of your content on your website.

Delivering live videos on social media is a perfect opportunity for building trust by answering questions from your web content and share first-hand experiences.

3. Hashtag Campaign
Hashtags have become an essential tool for creating excitement, increasing user engagement as well as developing relevant information on products, industry news and what’s on the trend.

Utilizing this traffic driving source is also an opportunity to feature your website. Start or participate to hashtag campaign that is relevant to the content you are going to promote and make your comments, views, and options standout when engaging in this kind of events.

Another method to market your website at no cost is through email marketing. This method is one of the proven and most effective ways not just about increasing sales but also to bring an enormous amount of traffic to the website. You just have to maintain and increase your email subscribers, ensuring that the majority of your readers or the people who signed up for your newsletter will bring you a good amount of conversion.

This second method of increasing web traffic is the fastest way to bring awareness, engagement, and conversion since this is more strategic and can be a great tool for marketers.

The following are some of commonly used paid traffic sources:

1: Paid Search Marketing
2: Facebook Ad Campaign “Traffic” Objective

1: Paid Search Marketing
This paid marketing method is an economical and flexible kind of web marketing that is intended to unite your ads with people who are actively searching online, by using phrases or keywords that are matches to your industry or what you provide. And with so many customers going straight to the Internet to easily find the information they need, to read reviews and to finally purchase something, it is very important your brand or business is easy to find online.

There are many methods of Paid Search Marketing and could be more to come. For now, here are the following ad methods that are commonly used online:

• Search Engine Text Only: This is a traditional and commonly used pay-per-click ad. It’s a simple text ad that can bring your targeted customer closer to your web content.

• Remarketing Ads: Probably one of the common ads I’m also seeing on my social media accounts. Remarketing ads are combined with search and display features, and this type of ad is triggered once you visited a website that are signed up for an Ad type to remarket their brand.

So whatever you do online and wherever you browse, remarketing ads could just appear on your Facebook feeds or even through an e-mail. And the purpose of having this ad is to remind the people who browsed or attempted to buy something to finish what they have started.

Remarketing ads are commonly used by e-commerce websites and companies who are selling their services online. So don’t be surprised if you receive an e-mail that reminds you that you left something in your shopping cart. And what you have to do is just to ignore it or complete the transactions that you missed.

• Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads: This ad campaign is specially designed to show to people the Products Listings of sponsored items on search engines and in social media channels. These types of ads show data of the product name, image, price, business name and the CTA button or link, for the people to click if they are interested in viewing or to buy the featured items. In Google, for you to create a product listing or shopping campaigns; an account in Google Merchant Center is required so you can link it to your AdWords account.

• Display Ads: This form of ads appears at the top, bottom or on both sides of a website. Display ads come in many various formats and in a form of text, images, or video.

Who are the sources of the paid search marketing?

• Google AdWords
• Bing Ads
• AdRoll
• Amazon Advertising
• And more…

2: Facebook Ad Campaign “Traffic” Objective
Another alternative to gain traffic without SEO is through the Facebook’s “Traffic” Ad Campaign Objective. So if you have Facebook Page and haven’t utilized your Facebook Ads Manager to drive traffic to your website, then you might want to look at it and see how Facebook’s Ads Manager “Traffic” campaign objective can be beneficial in driving traffic to your website. This campaign objective’s main focus is to bring Facebook’s audiences to the targeted website URL or landing page.

To get people or your target audience visit your website or promote your products or services on your website; all you have to do is to log in to your Facebook Ads Manager then select your campaign objective. Since we are focusing on getting traffic to your website, just simply select “Traffic” and change the campaign name before you hit continue. The all you have to do from the following step is to complete your campaign objective by completing the options in SET section, such as:

• To select where you want to drive traffic. Simply select the “Website”
• Add an Offer: This section is where you can promote discounts to your customers on Facebook.
• Defining your target Audience by customizing your audience targeting and setting specifics like age, location, gender, languages, and connection type.
• Editing the placement of your ads or keep the recommended settings. Placement is the method that shows your ads to the right people in the right places.
• Setting the campaign budget and schedule on publishing the ads.

Then your final step before reviewing and completing your Traffic Ad Campaign is to finalize your ad format by completing the following:

• Choose which Facebook or Instagram page you would like to run your ad campaign.
• Select your preferred ad format
• Add the required media you need, based on the ad format you selected
• Lastly, add the URL or the website to which page on your website you want to get results. This step is also the section where you need to put your ad campaign’s headline, description and the type of Call to Action (CTA) button you want the people to click.

After you complete the final step, all you have to do is to review the details of your ad campaign and complete it. No worries, an Ad Preview will appear at the right side of the screen so you can see the actual ad before you even publish it.


The (2) Two Simple Methods on how you can generate traffic that we have discussed in this article today are the easiest way to implement without using SEO. For small business and start-up brands with the least budget, you can simply try the free methods of generating traffic to your website or you can also try the paid traffic sources from some ad provider where you can control your budget.

However, based on my experience; least budget can only give you a small amount of web traffic, engagement, and good conversions. So might as well save the best for last and start with the free traffic sources. Once you have saved enough budgets for paid advertisement, then that could be the perfect opportunity for you to run your campaign ads. Otherwise, you won’t need to run paid traffic ads once you mastered the free method. Sounds great, right?

I hope that all the resources we have discussed and covered today will provide greater results for your current and future digital marketing strategies. And if you are still seeking help from web professionals, you can schedule a consult with us so we can talk business and support your web solutions needs.