YouTube is a social network platform where it’s hard to grow your subscribers without collaborating with other YouTube creators or running a one-time big-time ad to promote your channel to grow. However, if you are new in making videos on YouTube, you have to establish your brand, optimize your channel to prove YouTube first that your channel deserves a better ranking, so the people will recognize your YouTube channel next.

And in today’s post, we are presenting the Best Practices to help you learn how you can build or grow your YouTube channel organically through optimization:

>>> Importance of Optimizing Your Metadata:
One of the major best practices that you should focus on and not forget is optimizing your Metadata. The use of metadata is important, as it includes data about a video such as a title, video story or description, tags, and the annotations. This information can make your video stand out amongst other videos and get found by YouTube’s algorithm quickly. So to maximize the visibility of your video for the people to see your posts on YouTube and subscribe, YouTube content creators should make an effort to optimize metadata.

For search engines find your content, make sure that you think of the exact and relative keywords that perfectly describe your niche and your content. The more you use a detailed metadata and find strong keywords that completely represent your content, the more chances your YouTube channel will rank very well.

>>> Importance of a Perfect Thumbnail:
Personally, I always get caught by YouTube videos with an optimized YouTube Thumbnails or the main cover of the YouTube videos. Just like many viewers, people will make a choice whether to watch a certain video or not in a split second if the video cover is not very eye-catching or uninteresting. Oftentimes, most YouTube viewers’ judgment on how video is worthy to be seen is based on how attracting and engaging the thumbnail is. According to YouTube, 90% of the accomplished YouTube channels optimized their thumbnails.

>>> Importance of Optimizing Your Playlists:
Organizing your videos by putting it into its own place or topics through Playlists is a perfect step to do, so your videos are more accessible to your viewers. Having an organized playlist will also help your YouTube channel rank in YouTube’s search, feeds and Google’s search results.

>>> Produce Social Proof through Optimization:
Your YouTube development phase to develop your YouTube subscribers organically would not be perfect without having a considerate portion of social proof. Your YouTube channel’s social proof is simply determined by the efforts you made to optimize your YouTube account and how people subscribed to your channel organically. It might not be the best-looking YouTube channel on the platform but without a legitimate amount of social proof, you will not be able to get more channel views, visits, comments, likes, and subscribers.

The social proof of your channel is the position of reputation your channel has obtained. If your YouTube channel gets loads of views and subscribers (on a daily basis), the algorithm will send a signal to YouTube to rank your video to the recommended or related videos section and that’s the time people will be anxious to check your YouTube channel.

Social proof is obtained once your YouTube channel has earned a positive reputation and become popular. The YouTube videos and channels popularity is measured by the number of views and amount of subscribers. Once your video gets high views and subscribers, people will be anxious to watch your video. If the people find your video content relatable, informative and entertaining, the higher chances you’ll gain more subscribers.

YouTube is an excellent platform for people who wanted to level up their search method by seeing how things are done and how their questions are being answered by the actual people who demonstrated on the video. Indeed, YouTube is an excellent platform for bloggers and vloggers alike, to expand their reach over the World Wide Web by creating a personal connection with their followers through YouTube.

Furthermore, optimizing your YouTube channel also includes crafting and embracing your passion in order for your video content’s outcome to look natural. And with a whole new lot of YouTube users and channels rising, this platform is definitely to be considered by everyone (individuals, brands or businesses) looking for some online attention, marketing and publicity.

That’s it for our today’s article on how to grow your YouTube account organically. For marketers and brands, aside from gaining more subscribers, optimizing your YouTube channel will prevent you from running ads frequently and keeps your advertising costs low while monetizing your content on YouTube.

Feel free to use the knowledge we have shared with you today for your personal benefit. If you have any additional best practices or requests topics about digital marketing and business solutions, leave it in the comments section.

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