In digital marketing and in the social networking world, Content Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of marketing tactics available today. All you have to do is to produce high-quality and valuable articles daily or few times a week. Be a content mastermind by publishing an in-depth, search engine optimized headlines, and targeted or user-focused content for you to become an authority or content marketing leader.

However, there are some huge and minor mistakes that we, as content marketers failed to identify due to the many tasks and endeavors that we have in this industry. And as we have performed content marketing over the years, we have recognized a few common and easy-to-manage mistakes that many marketers execute today.

Mistake #1: Identifying What Excites Your Audience :
Preparation and designing a content marketing is easy and what makes it hard is how will you able to create a content that will excite people to like, share and buy it. In content marketing, making mistakes by not classifying the enthusiasm of people is crucial.

The ability to grow your brand and stuff your business or fan page with thousands to millions of followers is most likely easier to achieve with the help of word of mouth, referrals and some reward system. However, if the majority of people who followed your brand have mixed interests, those numbers no longer matter if you can no longer convert your followers into views, likes, visits, and sales if you are now looking for some real conversion.

How will you able find the right customer, market your products or services, and persuade the customer for repeat business – for likes, shares, visits, and revenue?

Well, as a content marketer, you must be strongly focused on your follower’s behavior so that you will be able to identify your prospective customers and create a high-quality content that excites their nerves for them to complete your desired outcomes.

Mistake #2: You Are Becoming Out of Your Style:
One most common content marketing mistakes being done but left unidentified is to determine their own value or style and not being focused on their messaging or branding.

Apart from making your audience be informed and entertained by your content, one thing that will separate you from other common content is by making a difference. Start strong and establish your content views just by clinging to your main topic and deliver a straight message by not confusing your visitor.

Yes, you are able to drive the people to let them push the button to your content because of your very catchy introduction and interesting content title or image poster. However, in just a few seconds these people leave without engaging with any content of your content, filling out a form, or not visiting another page.

The reason behind it is because you run round in circles and before your readers get their main purpose of visiting your content, they still have to deal with some promotional talks, affiliate ads pop-ups and some other distractions.

In order to fix this content marketing mistake, just start with a brief introduction to your content story and start driving to the main topic. And if you need to promote some brand, content or products, don’t be too obvious. Whatever you are agenda is, make sure that it’s relevant to the style of your content and your transition is smooth and on point.

Mistake #3: Undefined Target Market:
The undefined or indefinable audience is mostly the result of your website high bounce rate due to magnet marketing without using the right targeting method. As a result, many people will visit your site but will exit away instantly because they’ll suddenly realize that they are on a wrong website. Without the targeting the right market from your niche, you will not be able to sell your content and will also make your SEO compromised.

To correct this content marketing mistake, make sure about your targeting like using the most effective and appropriate keywords, tags, social network or website classification in order to get the best result and meet your content marketing objectives.

Mistake #4: Not Sharing or Promoting Content Precisely:
Another mistake that many content creators made is not spreading their messages after publishing their editorial or articles to social networking platforms.

Many marketers expect that after hitting the Publish button, their content will just crawl of their own and people will find their content without spreading the news. These people thought that showing up on Google is the only way to do it and little did they know, their write-ups are just somewhere on search pages and people are not seeing it.

In order to overcome this mistake and not to forget sharing and promoting your content, you might want to include your social media postings in one of your important tasks. If you’re aiming to get more traffic to your website and get more views, promoting it to major social networking sites is a must! Otherwise, you’ve just wasted your time thinking of a great content and not letting your network see or find your content.

Mistake #5: Over-selling than Educating:
Even though your website is more about selling products and/or services, for you to keep your readers on your website is to focus your content marketing to educating your readers first. If you are already sales pitching right after your introduction, the tendency is your readers will just close their browser or skip your video.

Your intent is to educate your reader and establish to them on how a problem is solved, how they can reach out to for guidance and be interested. If your readers or viewers want to know how to they can start their own drop shipping business, they should know how to do so until the conclusion of your article or video.

Establish to them the benefits, features, and value of what they are reading or watching. Then once you establish that connection, that’s the time for you to transition into selling. However, don’t over-sell it with so much feature dumping. Instead, show some photos or videos clips that show you in action or share your customer’s testimonial about your brand.

Living testimony and recommendations coming from the people who had a first-hand experience is much powerful than your flowery sales pitch. Preferably, you only promote your brand or your business just at the end of the article or your video and a CTA button.

Your goal is for the people to spread your message and share your content. By having your content shared on various social networks, it will help you or your client build social awareness, expand your social reach and to potentially increase your ROI.

Final Thoughts
When your content marketing strategies are done properly, it is going to be one of the most effective (cost-effective too) means to market your brand, business, and yourself.

“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” — Robert Rose

Once you create a content that people can connect with, you improve the chances to be seen as a trustworthy and reliable source in your industry. As soon as you are determined as a content marketing authority, it will make it effortless for you to obtain leads, boost sales, and get future content reads and shared by larger target markets.

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