If your field of digital marketing is in focus on getting the top rand in Google rankings, SEO is an important asset to a site’s success. In today’s article, we want to invite you and read through our Three (3) Easy Steps to improve your Google Rankings.

1. Identify and Delete Pages

Google prefer fewer and high-quality content. What you can do to improve your Google rankings is to audit your website and delete those pages on your site that don’t provide any value, such as old or outdated blog posts, archive pages, search result pages, pages that don’t provide traffic or zero sales and duplicate content. If you want to rank strongly on Google, you have to invest another time and more efforts in creating awesome content.

I understand that your old, non-performing content or blogs are important to your site. That is why, instead of deleting those pages, why not repurpose it or revise it and make it more enlightening and current? That way, you are able to save time by not thinking about creating a new content and you also saved the content that you don’t want to delete.

2. Fix Technical Issues that Hurts SEO Rankings

Yes, your website is working just fine, the speed is okay and your website interface is pretty awesome. However, have you ever considered if your website is encountering some technical issues? You might not be seeing it but SEO surely does. Below are the 3 Common Technical Issues that we have identified that might be harming your SEO, which you might want to check now or after reading this article.

• Title Tag Issues: What is title tag? A title tag is an HTML component that defines the name of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result and are important for SEO.

Title tags can have types of issue that affect SEO, such as duplicate or missing title tags, excessively long or too concise text in your title tags, broken internal & external links, not using a secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and more. If you’re not aware of your website’s technical concerns, then you’ll have very serious SEO problems. Keep in mind that low SEO ranking is not always about violating search engine rules; sometimes it just merely results from overcrowding and not taking good care your website.

• Excessive On-page Links: Isn’t it great that your website visitors can easily be directed exactly to the topics they are looking for with the help of many links at every page on your website? The more landing pages or links on your site, the better, right?

Well, it could be good for your visitors to have an easy access to your content with those links but not specifically for your SEO.

Even though there are no absolute maximum limitations of links on your website, it’s better to just simply include links that are only valuable and prevent overloading your website with excessive on-page Links.

• Missing Alt Tags and Broken Images: If your content has images, you should not miss alt tags. Both go together and an important part of content marketing, but if you are missing Alt Tags and got broken images on your site, this can also generate significant SEO concerns.

Without text info on your images, SEO may not be able to identify on which category to put them in. And with images, if there’s nowhere to be directed after clicking it will surely increase your bounce rate and that will soon have a huge negative effect on your SEO.

Apart from these 3 common technical issues mentioned, there are more to identify that might be hurting your SEO rankings like Meta Descriptions errors, H1 Tag Issues, Broken Internal and External Links, etc. There are tools that you can use in order to identify those SEO issues and check up your site’s health, such as:

o SEMrush.com Site Audit Tool
o Neilpatel.com: SEO Analyzer
o sitechecker.pro: Free Website SEO Score Online
o Raventools.com Site Auditor
o Seoptimer.com: Website Review and free SEO audit tool

Keywords Restoration

Remodeling your keywords to optimize SEO provides a competitive edge for your company. One primary factor of an effective content marketing strategy is keyword research and the best solution to heal your on-page SEO the right way is by improving your keyword research. So once you get rid of your ghost pages and the inessential links on your website, keywords restoration should be your third step in order for your Google rankings to improve.

Using the most reliable keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, KWfinder, and keywordtool.io, are some of the great places to start linking up keywords that are relevant to your site. Some of these tools also offer an option to see what keywords your competitors are using, for you to also spy or see your competitor’s performing keywords which is perfect to have during your keyword remodeling stage. You can also try SpyFu (spyfu.com) that enables you to download your competitors’ most profitable keywords and Ads for Paid and Organic Search.

With the support of available keyword research tools online, it will help you reduce the ones you must not be optimizing for and select the keywords that can work best to drive traffic to your site.

These 3 Easy Steps that we have presented today are tested and proven by Vital Medias’ tech and webmasters. That is why we’re confident that this will be the beginning of developing your SEO and Increase your Google rankings. However, keep in mind that the results will not just show up emerge overnight. With proper execution of identifying the errors or technical issues that your website is facing, the outcomes will start to appear gradually.

*** Vital Tip: Don’t measure your success with your KEYWORDS!
Keywords only serve as your web visitor or audience driver. Keywords make your potential customers or clients find your brand or company easily on search engine sites. However, don’t make it as your basis for your campaign’s success. Even though it plays a huge part in your content and digital marketing efforts, there are more important metrics that you must consider in measuring your success.

If you need help improving your SEO rankings and remodeling your Keywords, Vital Medias can definitely support your website solutions needs! Just simply schedule a consult so we can talk business with you.