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As years go by, Instagram is becoming one of the fastest rising social networks — and with great purpose; brands, businesses and individuals love to connect with each and every one through the image-dedicated platform by sharing inspiring images and short video clips with their communities. However, no matter how established marketers are on this platform; they still have so many questions about Instagram Marketing because of the ever-changing algorithms and additional features on the said platform. While newcomers or newbies on Instagram marketing has a lot to catch up, in terms of how this platform works, for them to be successful in marketing their brand.

That is why in this Part 1 of Instagram Marketing Marketers Daily Questions 101 article, we have put together the best Instagram marketing questions that you might have in your mind and the best answer as possible. And today, we are going to focus on 6 most important questions that need straightforward answers. So, let’s get it started!

1: What is Instagram Marketing?
For newcomers’ sake, Instagram Marketing is just like any other marketing platforms to promote your brand or business to grow brand awareness and introduce your products or you as the brand itself. However, what makes Instagram different and special is because of its very active communities and niche-specific. So if you are ready for your brand to become #InstaFamous and establish a strong community, make sure that you are certain of your brand image, style, and kind of niche.

2: How to build a strong Instagram following?
•If you want to build a passionate following of active and engaging community, you must offer something that no one else is contributing yet. With thousands of niche out there on Instagram, we understand that it’s going to be hard but what will make your brand stand out are your passion, drive, uniqueness, and consistency.

•One of the most important factors in building a strong community on Instagram is by building a strong relationship with the people who leave comments, follow and like your posts or content. Engage and thank your followers by putting in on your post description or image, through a short video clip or via the comments section.

•Most importantly, DO NOT USE BOTS! Automation is a way to make certain tasks easier and Instagram automation works by using “bots”. In the past and until now, newbies or pro marketers on Instagram use common automation tools to automate likes, comments and follow.

According to Instagram’s Term of Use – section #15: ” You must not create accounts with the Service through unauthorized means, including but not limited to, by using an automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper.”

*** KEEP IN MIND: Those automation tools that do those tasks may still work for your Instagram accounts. However, using those will definitely hurt your Instagram algorithm, which results for your account to reach unspecified or fake accounts. Once Instagram detects an unwanted or inconsistencies in your Instagram activities, your account might also be suspended or discontinued for good.

3: What kind of effective Instagram strategies to increase audience quickly?
•One effective strategy to beat the Instagram algorithm and increase your audience faster is by scheduling your Instagram posts for when most of your followers are online. Even though there are no Instagram rules when it comes to a time of posting, you as a brand might want to set the rule for your account.

Preferably, you must post your content on Instagram within your time zone. However, if your followers are all over the globe and have different time zones, the best solution is to post RELEVANT and HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT consistently – twice to four interval times each day or more.

Since your followers and hashtag followers will be active in varying time zones, it is important for you to identify the best times you get more likes and follows. Once you consistently do that hack and get your account more likes, followers, and engagement; Instagram will get that signal and put your post on top and show it to the community who might also be interested in your niche.

•Another strategy and is currently on trend is by using proper hashtags. Including the right tags for your post is more applicable to increase your followers quickly, especially now that Instagram users can follow hashtags.

•To extend your brand and gain more followers quickly is to connect your Instagram account to your other social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also copy your posts link, and then share it or email it. That way your friends and followers on your other social media accounts will know that they will find more about your brand on Instagram.

4: Is Instagram effective to use as a marketing tool?
Why not? According to the latest Instagram statistics (as of January 01, 2018), the total number of Monthly Active Instagram Users are approximately 800 million and Daily users are approximately 500 million. With a huge number of users and tons of niche-specific community, it is without a doubt that Instagram can be used as an effective marketing tool!

In addition, with so many comprehensive niches available and brands or businesses exclusively available only on Instagram, this platform has increased their active users 80% more than last year. According to Instagram, due to its increasing video viewers (4 times a year) than photo or image viewers, advertisers find this platform a perfect and a stable marketing tool to post Ads on Instagram.

5: How can I make money out of my Instagram account?
There are many ways to monetize or make money out from your Instagram account. Your brand reputation, target niche, and marketing approach will depend on what you need to do in order establish a profitable Instagram account. Here are some ideas to monetize your Instagram account:

o Sell exclusive, sale-worthy merchandise.
o Be an influencer, a brand advocate or both.
o License and sell your photos
o Become a part of affiliate marketing
o Sell your Instagram Account at (preferably 40k followers and account must be in good standing).

6: Do I need to have 5 digits of followers to monetize my Instagram account?
Your ability to monetize your Instagram account merely depends on branding or who you are and what type of brand presence you had established on your Instagram account.

Some examples of the most profitable Instagram Accounts are from:

o Kylie Jenner: with 105 million followers and earns $400,000 per post
o Selena Gomez: with 134 million followers and earns $550,000 per post
o Huda Kattan (HudaBeauty): with 24.7 million followers – $18,000 per post
o Nala Cat: with 3.5 million followers – $20,000 per sponsored post (rumored)

Having millions of followers will surely open your Instagram account with great opportunities to monetize it. But the truth is – even if your account is as little as 1k to 10k Instagram followers, you can still potentially get some brand deals, merchandise opportunities by selling your own product, and more ways.

Your Instagram account’s potential to get monetize really boils down to how effective you are as a marketer, what you know about the brand you want to advocate and how creative you are in formulating your marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts: “Instagram Marketing Marketers Daily Questions 101 – Part 1”

Today we have covered important topics that we hope could help you answer the questions you might have in mind.

One piece of advice for your Instagram Marketing success is to follow your passion or where you are good at, decide your path and always remember about having a consistent branding and all-around engaged community.

That’s it for now and watch out for our next part of Marketers Daily Questions 101.

“One who never asks either knows everything or nothing.” – Malcolm Forbes

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