Today, we are introducing a new series of article we called “Quora Community of Experts Answers”. In this article, we are collecting the best answers from the Quora community about their views or insights about certain issues, topics, and questions about digital marketing.

In our first episode, we have asked the Quora community about what causes SEO ranking drops. We have received several answers coming from some marketing and SEO experts and here are some of the best viewpoints about the question “What Causes Your SEO Rankings To Drop?”

MOHD MINHAJUDDIN TANVIR: (Freelance Digital Marketer & Graphics Designer at Fiverr)

According to Mohd Minhajuddin, your initial step to identify if your SEO ranking is dropping is by checking your website’s SEO status. Identify as many factors as possible which is causing your website SEO to suffer. He suggested utilizing the free tools available online that can help you produce an analysis report about your website.

Mohd Minhajuddin said that the main cause of losing your SEO ranking position is because of Google’s penalty. In order to fix it, assess if there are any links on your website that is broken or not.

In my own perspective about links penalties, external links could be the most reason why SEO drop too. Those are the links you have shared on your social media accounts, other websites like forum sites and those links are probably no longer update or non-existing anymore. If someone clicks it, the guest will be directed to your landing page or website but since there’s already a problem with that link, it will cause an error and could also reflect on your site’s bounce rate. And that is why Mohd Minhajuddin suggested reviewing all the links you have previously used to drive traffic to your website and update it.

Some tips that Mohd Minhajuddin shared are:

• Review your schema scripts using the Google Structured Data testing tool that is made for reviewing any kind of errors and warnings.

**Schema scripts or Schema markup is a code that you place on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

• Using Google Search Console is also helpful to check which links are affected on your website.
• Review the standing of your On-page SEO, for you to identify if there are any unfinished posts that need to complete. If there are, complete those and publish those posts correctly.
• Keep your website updated.

ANNABELL NICKEL: (Marketing at WordPress – SEO and WordPress Expert)

According to Annabell, what causes SEO Ranking Drops is by not optimizing your website frequently. The foundation of each online business is by building a steadfast source of website access in order to increase your chances of driving more potential and long-term followers or consumers. Otherwise, you won’t have an online audience if your web presence is not strong enough.

Annabell stated that once you built a strong and reputable online behavior in Google’s perspective, it will more likely increase your visibility in search queries.

However, what will happen after getting high rankings on Google search results pages?

As per Annabell, since the core principles of SEO and its algorithms is frequently changing, online marketers must also constantly update their SEO and tactics technically. To do that, Annabell shared 5 tips in order to catch up with the latest trends:

• Update your website
• Speed up your site
• Expand your link building
• External links and internal links
• Build your social media presence

LISA ANDERLANDER: (Self Employed – who been making money online using free sites and methods for over 8 years)

According to Lisa, “It’s literally impossible to fully understand SEO and the mysterious minds behind Google and Bing.

Even if you somehow found the SEO Cheat Code and was successful, most likely, it wouldn’t last very long.”

She actually has a point about the changes in search engine sites algorithms. You might have found some techniques to beat the algorithm changes but you have to be careful and mindful because you really can’t tell if when it will be updated or if your techniques are still working.

Lisa also said that the sad truth about SEO are the changes happening almost every 3 months – the algorithm rules changes (everything) and the sad part is, your website’s SEO could drop instantly and get left behind, even if it’s not your error.

Lisa Anderlander shared her story about a similar experience, and she said “I’ve had blog posts rank high one day, buried 10 pages deep the next. I’ve given up on blogging, all my SEO headaches, are a thing of the past for me.”

Lisa’s last words or advice about this question are: “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the SEO Basket.”

According to Lisa, Aside from SEO, it is better that you have other means to get a few traffic because you never know when the SEO Masterminds will set another or new rules about the search engine’s algorithms.

ATHIRA SURESH: (SEO Analyst at the Loudspeaker)

To answer this topic, Athira Suresh shared 8 situations about what Causes SEO Ranking Drops:

1. Tracking the wrong rankings: Using generic keywords is an outdated keyword strategy and most SEO pioneers have already utilized those – which is difficult to compete with. So in order to become unique and for your SEO ranking to improve, you need to update your keyword strategy and one of the best is using long tail keywords.

2. Google’s fluctuation: In SEO, it’s common for rankings to shift. Google is regularly testing each parameter it can detect by improving search results. This is why it’s insignificant to focus too much on specific rankings.

3. New or Modified Website: Once you modified a new design for your existing website, expect that your SEO rankings to drop. To overcome or reduce the drop in rankings, make sure that you have properly executed a 301 redirect plan.

***A 301 redirect plan is a permanent redirect of a website from one URL to another.

4. Eliminating Low-quality Links: Due to several updates performed by the search engines sites to cease search engine spamming, websites with high volumes of low-quality links are getting an SEO rankings drop.

According to Google, if your site is affected by links you don’t have a direct control, “You should…make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site.”

5. Missing Useful Links: SEO rankings drop might be due to losing your website’s high-quality links that have been used to rank you up. Some of the factors of missing links are because some pages have been deleted, you changed single keywords to long-tail keywords or your links has disappeared. But no matter what the cause, the best solution is to constantly build high-quality links from now on.

6. Bad hosting: The ability to provide fast page loads for your website visitors is another SEO ranking factor. So if your webpage or site loads like forever and your web visitors switch to your competitors, search engines could rank other websites first before yours.

The solution to overcoming a slow page loads is to make sure that your web visitors are served well with fast and snappy experience on your website by getting or improving your web host.

7. Unreliable robots.txt file: If you are unable to review your robots.txt file in your website’s system, the worst case scenario is robots.txt might be telling the search engines to ignore your website and not let anyone discover it. Make sure that you apply some best practices for your robots.txt file, and don’t make any typographical errors.

8. Competitor’s Efforts Are at the Highest Level: As mentioned above, if your tactics are alike with your competitors who have already established their website, keywords, and name in the online industry, your SEO ranking will not increase. Your website must be unique and must be fully optimized because if your competitors are continually developing their websites and you’re not, then you’re just going to be left behind. And the only way to stay on top is through continuous effort and optimization.

Thank you for reading and see you all next week for the next episode of Quora Community of Experts Answers. We hope that these 4 experts who have contributed their share today about “What Causes Your SEO Rankings to Drop?” has served you well and answered your question about your SEO concern regarding this topic.

On our next episode, we are going to ask Quora community about “What Advise or Suggestions Do You Have for the New Entrepreneurs in Digital marketing?” And if you have any questions about digital marketing and business solutions from Quora Community, please leave a comment below and we’re going to collect the best answers for your benefit.

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