Social Media Share Buttons

Social Media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet growing, and Social Sharing lets you harness that activity and use it as a positive force for your business.

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest Social Sharing benefits:


Increase Post Exposure

If you want your readers to share your posts, you need to make it easy for them. Readers without much to gain from sharing your post on social media might find that it isn’t worth the effort to log on to their social media profile and draft a post of their own containing your content.

With the implementation of a social media share button onto your page, all the reader needs to do is click “share” for the social media platform of their choosing and up pops a pre-written post about the content. From there, they just need to customize the post to their choosing and share the link with their followers.

When an individual shares one of your posts, your company and content is getting introduced to an entirely new group of people. It is very unlikely that each of your reader’s followers has visited your blog before, and while they may not find the same value in the post as the original reader, they may find something they like elsewhere on your blog. Continuous sharing with a fresh social media market can get you new readers for your blog and new business prospects for your products or services.

Grow Your Link Network

When a reader shares your post on social media, they are creating a link to your blog post and to your website. As your number of social shares continues to grow, so does your number of naturally occurring back links.

Back links are pretty important encouraging your SEO strategy and when Google sees that your blogs have been popular around social media pages, it will boost your page up in results. Google likes to promote websites with a strong following and those that people believe to provide reliable information, so you want as many back links as possible.

Just be careful not to get caught in bots tweeting your posts. While it may seem like Google can’t tell the difference, Google knows all. It is possible for Google to catch on to back links that aren’t genuine, which would hurt your SEO.

Grow Your Traffic

Your traffic will go hand in hand with the amount of exposure your posts and website are receiving. So, when you get your posts in front of social media pages that haven’t viewed your page or posts before, you’re likely to see a boost in traffic to your page.

To grow your traffic even more, create posts that grab attention. If the content inside your post is great, but your headline is lacking, even if someone shares the post on their social media, a poorly written headline isn’t going to get many clicks.

Create blog posts that are great from all angles and your shares and traffic will shoot up.

Free Advertising

When someone chooses to share one of your blog posts, they are essentially promoting your product or services to their network. As any good marketer knows, the power of word of mouth or product recommendations cannot be beaten when it comes to acquiring new customers or clients.