Social Synergy

“Vital Medias has taken my brand-new Instagram account from 0 to over 1000 Real and Engaging followers in just a few weeks! They under promise and over deliver.”


“Instagram Experts! They do a great job for the price. Highest Recommendation!”


“Never had a better experience. Helped me with all my challenges.”


“Amazing people running an amazing company! And they give back in a huge way, ask them about mastermind!”


“The people at Vital Medias are so intelligent and inspiring! We are very excited to have found them and will be recommending their services to everyone we know who needs help with their business. Thank you for being wonderful!!!”


“Vital Medias really takes the cake when it comes to helping out business owners. They have helped me establish my new website, show me how the power of Facebook can be used to my benefit, and why it is a necessary part of my business. When you work with them, you are in great hands and they really care about helping you succeed through their services. Thank you all for everything you have done for my company!”




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What is Social Synergy?
Social Synergy By Vital Medias Is A Membership-Based Community Project That Brings Massive Return on Investment To A Difficult to Monetize Social Platform.

Will Social Synergy Increase My Businesses Revenue?

YES! Social Synergy Was Designed To Bring Undeniable Return On Investment To Its Members! By Becoming A Social Synergy Member Your Business Will Benefit From Over 25,000 Pieces Of Free Social Media Content, Live Educational Experiences, Expert Consulting, Ad Design & Creation, Instant Increase In Facebook’s Algorithm, and Real Advertisement Shares Monthly!

Social Synergy Is A Specifically Crafted Program With A Guaranteed ROI For Your Business!

Are The Page Followers Real?
YES! All Non-Competing Members Will Like Your Facebook Business Page With Theirs. This Is A Proven Process That Many Groups Use To Increase Your Posts Reach And Engagement!

Unfortunately, This Process Often Fails Because Business Owners Don’t Always Have The Time To Constantly Keep Checking Back In On These “Follow Ladders”.

Social Synergy By Vital Medias Does This Process For Its Members Which Guarantees That Every Member Participates And Benefits!

Can I Still Use My Account On Your Service?
Of course! Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. Social Synergy Is Designed To Magnify Your Marketing Efforts!

What Benefits Can I Expect From Vital Medias Social Synergy Service?
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • More Opportunities to Convert
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher Brand Authority
  • Increased Inbound Traffic
  • Decreased Marketing Costs
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Richer Customer Experiences
  • Improved Customer Insights
  • Live Educational Experiences
  • Real Ad Shares and Market Penetration
  • Access To 25,000+ Pieces Of Free Social Media Content
  • Access To 100s Of Business Audio Books
  • Integration Into Vital Medias Smart Referral System
  • SEO Boost
  • Free Advertising On Vital Medias Website
  • Expert Consulting and Business Help
  • Professional Ad Creation, Targeting, and Management
Live Educational Experiences (LEE TALKS)
All Members Receive 1 Pass Each Month To Attend A LEE Talk. These Live Educational Experiences Will Be Hands-On Workshops Where Industry Leaders Teach You The Techniques, Tools, And Processes They Use To Save Time And Make Their Efforts Massively More Effective Online And In Person. Your Business Will Be Improved Immediately!

Additional Passes For The LEE Talks Will Be Available For Purchase.

See All The Current Month’s Classes At:

All Classes Will Be Live Learning Experiences And Attendees Will Leave Knowing How To Complete And Recreate All Parts Of The Curriculum.

Ad Sharing By Real Business Owners
All Members Have The Ability To Submit A Post To Vital Medias Which Is Then Shared To Every Other Member’s Page!

This Immediately Brings Social Credibility To Your Ad As It Will Be Shared 100s Of Times By Other Businesses.

Imagine Launching Your Next Ad And Receiving 100 Shares On Day One!

Besides The Obvious And Massive Reach Increase, Social Synergy Also Dramatically Alters The Facebook Algorithms In Your Favor. The Average Account Post Only Gets Seen By 7% Of The Account’s Followers On Facebook. Social Synergy Members Are Already Seeing As Much As 40% Follower Penetration On Not Only Their Shared Post But Also Every Other Post Their Account Makes That Week!

What Does Ad Creation, Targeting, Promoting, and Management Mean Exactly?
The Short Answer Is That Vital Medias Will Augment Your Companies Marketing Strategy!

Members In Social Synergy Will Receive One Personal 20 Minute Consult Every 60 Days! During The Consult Our Team Will Help You Identify Target Markets, Marketing Strageties, and Develop Great Content.

The Vital Medias Team Will Then Go To Work Creating An Ad Campaign Including Two Static Images Or One Promotional Video. After Your Approval Our Team Will Promote That Ad Content To Your Target Audience At 50.00 Per Month!

We Will Develop, Promote, And Manage Your Personal Advertisement Campaign!

How Will This Help My SEO?
Vital Medias Is Proud To Offer Our Social Synergy Members A Platform To Tell Others “Why” They Are The Right Choice. As Part Of Our “Why Us” Blogs Business Owners Submit An Article About Themselves And Their Business Passion Which Is Published On Vital Medias Website. This Helps Establish Their Company For SEO Purposes And Will Include Backlinks To Their Website, Facebook Page, Etc.

This Gives Our Clients Another Chance To Get To Know You And Your Business. Our Goal Is To Ultimately Build Liking, Lasting, And Trusting Relationships.

Smart Referral System?
Our Referral System Allows All Members To Apply And Become Preferred Vendors Of Vital Medias. Because We Know That Your Network Is Your Net Worth We Are Constantly Expanding Ours And This System Allows Our Social Synergy Members To Tap Into That, Whether They Are Looking To Get New Clients Or Hire On New Help.

What Type Of Business Resources Will I Have Access To?
Vital Medias Offers A FREE Content Library To All Social Synergy Members. Our Google Drive Currently Contains Over 25,000 Pieces Of Social Media Content Free For The Taking To All Members On Synergy On Day 1.

Vital Medias Offers Our Social Synergy Members Access To Several Important Contracts Via Our Shared Google Drive. These Include Independent Contractor Agreements, NDAs, And Non-Compete Agreements. Simply Download, Fill Them Out And Use Them For Your Business.

Vital Medias Offers Our Social Synergy Members Access To 100s Of Business And Self-Improvement Books Through Our Audio Book Club.

How Does It Work?
  1. Sign Up For Social Synergy. The Program Cost Is Only 175.00 Every 30 Days And Includes Everything Listed Above Starting On The First Day!
  2. Once You Become A Member Of Social Synergy You Will Be Directed To Fill Out A Questionnaire About Your Business And Its Needs.
  3. You Then Grant Vital Medias Admin/Editor Status On Your Facebook Page. This Allows Us To Post On Your Behalf As Well As Share Your Posts To Other Members.
  4. Google Drive Invites And Follow /Likes Will Begin Within 3 Business Days After You Sign Up.
  5. Fall In Love With Results! Social Synergy Guarantees It’s ROI, If At Any Point You Have Questions, Send Us An Email!
Is There A Contract?
YES! Our Program Isn’t For Everyone, It’s For People Who Need To Succeed!

We Know That Success Comes From Consistency And Any Program That Produces Results Should Be Part Of Your Long-Term Plans!

Are My Results Guaranteed?


Vital Medias Guarantees Social Synergy Members that they will see results or their money back. These result expectations will be established during the initial project consult! 

Our Priority Is Your Success!