Normally, webmasters and digital marketers concentrate on keywords, SEM, and other SEO optimization strategies in order to get into the top set of search results. However, once they reached their goals, they thought they’ll stay on top for good and there’s no need to maintain their SEO rankings. That’s a big NO! – NO!

Since you’ve only outranked your competitors, they can also easily outrank you eventually or immediately if you don’t do anything afterward. So, how will you able to secure your top SEO spot and stay safe also after you’ve reached the top SEO ranks? Here are 4 of the most important best practices that you can apply or follow for your site’s benefit:

Before you fire up your website and go live, using proven SEO techniques will help your website more searchable and visible on search engine sites. Start by using unique page titles, long-tail keywords, and unique Meta descriptions prior to launching your website. You have to validate that your SEO efforts are highly focused on your products or services and that every page of your website has a keyword targeting just not to confuse the SEO algorithm.

Once you launched your website or publish an article or content, it is very important to maintain analyzing your keyword tactics and optimizing your pages to make sure that you are maintaining the strong momentum you have started and get the best possible SEO rankings.

Many servers and anti-virus are identifying websites that are not secured and it mostly warns or prevents potential web visitors to visit a website without having this feature. Secure Sockets Layer produces a secure channel between machines or devices that operate over the World Wide Web or within an internal network.

Websites with SSL are known as HTTPS and if most of your web visitors are being blocked because the SSL has expired, then it will definitely have a huge impact to downrank your search engine visibility. So make sure that you buy an SSL certificate and be updated on when will your SSL will expire to maintain your SEO Rankings, keep the traffic coming and your web visitors stay protected.

Once you are done constructing your website’s structure during your pre-launch, do access the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your XML sitemap for the new website you are about to launch. Then while you are processing it, also ensure that your robots.txt files are working and the programming is accurate. It is very important to double check this detail as robots.txt provides the search engines a signal that your new website needs to be crawled and listed in advance, which helps your website be on top of the search results.

In addition and as mentioned from our previous article about “What Causes SEO Ranking Drops” (link here), if you are unable to review your robots.txt file in your website’s system, the worst case scenario is robots.txt might be telling the search engines to ignore your website and not let anyone discover it.

When setting up a new website, there’s actually some collection of tools that you just need, for you to keep your website and SEO to skyrocket and run smoothly. It includes the following:

1.Web Analytics: If you are new in web measuring game, Google Analytics is free, very popular and a great tool to start checking your website stats performance. Aside from Google Analytics (GA), other useful web analytics tools like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Piwik Pro, and Woopra are just some web tools that can step up your game and give you a more in-depth analysis of how your website is performing.

There are four types of analytics:
1. Descriptive: It is more about reviewing and summarizing data
2. Diagnostic: It tracks over time and reveals trends
3. Predictive: It is an area of statistics that test out scenarios and makes relevant suggestions.
4. Prescriptive: It is dedicated to getting the best trends and defines the most advantageous patterns. Prescriptive analytics is blended with descriptive and predictive analytics.

2. Retargeting and Remarketing Tools: Even before you launch your website, you can actually put Facebook or Google pixels on your site and you don’t have to run an ad or pay up front just to install it in your website.

All you have to do is go to your Facebook and Google as manager, create a pixel code, locate the header code for your website, copy the entire pixel code and paste it in your website header. Once you run retargeting and remarketing later, the code you install will show your ads to those people who visited or showed some interest in your site’s products or services.

The benefit of putting it while constructing your site is you no longer have to do it later.

3. Google Search Console: Having this tool setup to your website (and Bing Webmaster Tools) can help you identify some errors you have on your website. These kinds of webmaster tool are very useful if you have any accessibility issues. And once your website is clean and away from any errors and technical issues, your potential audience will be able to access your site swiftly and will send a signal to search engines about the user-friendliness of your website.

4. Setup Your Social Network Channels and Web Profiles: One of the most important tasks even before structuring your website is getting and owning the name of your website and available on social media channels. You might not want to buy a domain name first then suddenly; it’s late for you to recognize that the domain name you have chosen is already taken in social media.

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Final Thoughts:

To outrank your competition and maintaining your spot on top of the SEO rankings is truly a milestone. To get there, you as the webmaster or marketer have to face the more challenging digital and technical tasks like designing, putting all the information together and launching your website. However, if you are prepared and working with experienced web solutions firms who have conventional plans and checklists in place, your plans can go a long way to getting your launch and web maintenance needs run painlessly.

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