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Beautiful Business

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Beautiful Business

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Simple Business

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Email Catch

Make the most out of every visitor! An email catch allows you to collect their contact information, so that you can stay in touch.

Social Media Share Buttons

Social Media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet growing, and Social Sharing lets you harness that activity and use it as a positive force for your business.


Express yourself & Share your Passions, Make A Difference, Share your Knowledge, Earn More Exposure, Increase your SEO, Become An Industry Expert, and Build A Professional Network. All this and more can be done with your very own Blog!

Messenger & Chat

Allow visitors to instantly contact you if they need with a purchase or have questions about your products/services.


Add a customized Google map to your website. Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of!


Create and manage your calendar of events with ease. Get professional quality and features backed by a team you can trust. A calendar will allow your clients to quickly keep up to date on your upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add a stylish and user-friendly FAQ area to your website. Display your frequently asked questions.

Reviews Slider

Set up a specific area on your website to display customer testimonials for your business/service. Let everyone know how happy your customers are.

Premium Features

Exit Blocker

Increase your sales, conversions, email subscriptions and engagements. Take your website to the next level. Don’t let your customers get away.

Buy It Now Buttons

Make abandoned shopping carts a thing of the past. Take payment immediately with Buy It Now Buttons.

(Requires Stripe account)

Appointment Booking

Allow your clients to book paid or free appointments with you on your schedule! Multi-Employee Version. Setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily!

(Appointment Booking is a 2 point premium feature)

Live Messenger/Chat

Provide help to visitors instantly. Initiate a chat with those browsing your website convieniently by phone or desktop.

Membership Area

Set up unlimited membership levels and provide restricted access to members-only content. A membership area helps to create both a dedicated following and a residual income!

(Membership Area is a 2 point premium feature)

Affiliate Program

Expand your sales team infinitely with your personal automated affiliate program. 

(Must have an E-commerce; Affiliate Program is a 2 point premium feature)

Searchable FAQ

Add a stylish FAQ section to your website. Display your frequently asked questions and make it searchable.

Live Social Media Reviews 

Let visitors like, comment, share, and click through to see your reviewers live on Facebook.

Speed Upgrade Level 1

Make your site respond faster, more searchable, and give your clients a better experience by adding our Speed Upgrade Level 1!

Speed Upgrade Level 2

Give your site the VIP Treatment and Feel by do everything possible to dramatically increase its load speeds. Our Speed Upgrade Level 2 makes your site load faster, increases it’s search engine rankings and presents your content in the best possible light!

(Speed Upgrade Level 2 is a 2 point premium feature)

Premium E-Commerce

Allow for an even more pleasing customer flow by upgrading your e-commerce to our Premium Version. This upgrade requires an active Shopify Account but allows clients to update their own products via shopify.

(Premium E-Commerce is a 3 point premium feature)

Premium Affiliate Program

Have complete control over your Affiliate Program with our Premium Upgrade! Unlimited Affiliates, Track commissions by product or SKU. Track sales with coupon codes, emails, and SKUs. Custom Reports and assistance!

(Premium Affiliate Program is a 7 point premium feature)


Turn your website into an online store. Includes a cart, unlimited products, and a payment gateway integration.

(E-commerce is a 2 point premium feature)

SSL Certificate

Take secure payments, become a trusted website, increase your site’s SEO ranking, and provide your customers with privacy. Most importantly, stay ahead of your competition.